"Character develops itself in the stream of life."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Describing the character of a business in words is possible, but easier said than done. We at Staffataclick believe that when it comes to the character-sketch on a business, it is best formulated through direct points of contact, being opportunities to build trust and experience our brand.

We trust that you will escalate to a direct relationship with Staffataclick, and by doing so experience our true character as a business, superseding all your expectations through trust building actions.

After being in business for more than a decade, Staffataclick is known and established brand in the Temporary Employment and related industries for our unmatched service delivery and our passion for being a responsible employer, providing decent working opportunities to all our employees and applicants.

We accomplish our strategic objectives through our unique risk and management models. These models are driven by our state of the art Staff Data Management System (SDM), developed in-house on the Sizanani.com backbone.

Staffataclick's vision and mission statements, strategic priorities and objectives, corporate philosophy, values and quality policy have been formulated to guide decisions in our daily actions to enforce our brand promise: “Building Trust Everyday”.